Marketing Concept Revealed

marketing concept

Marketing Concept Revealed

One of the most asked question in business is “How can I get more clients”? Simply answered, you need a marketing concept. Marketing is the key to obtaining more customers; obviously, only because you have started a business does not necessarily mean that they know you exist.

There are many ways you can differentiate your marketing from the other and particularly larger companies. Don’t be afraid of competition, if you market your niche in the correct way, you will have a great amount of followers buying your products or services.

In general when you first look at developing your marketing concept, determine what you want to accomplish. A simple formula to remember is, amount of leads generated x conversion rate = profits. Your marketing will create prospective clients (leads), which than need to be converted into paying customers.

You can see that the success of your marketing concept has two components, the actual lead and the ability to convert. If your lead generation is great, but you cant get more customers, than you need to work on your conversion technique. On the other side, when you convert many leads into clients, than you just need to work on your lead generation methods.

Oftentimes business owners get overwhelmed when it comes to develop a marketing concept, but it is really not that hard, the only thing you need to do is choosing some ideas and than stick to it.

As a small business you are more flexible and much closer to your actual customers, you can react faster to changes and demands, use this to your advantage.

List building and email marketing

A classic and still oftentimes very underestimated. The definition of marketing is that you present your company in a way that you place it in front of potential customers and at the time they are ready, they think of you.

Building a list of potential, existing and previous customers is essential. Think about it, these are people who are already interested in your product or services, why would you not keep them interested.

  • send out special deals and coupons, e.g. if you have a restaurant, you could offer a free desert with the next visit. If you are a barber shop give a haircut for free after they paid for ten, etc. This works especially well in the service industry.
  • send customers a birthday or anniversary card. Show them you care and remember them, trust is what creates repeat business.
  • announce new products or services
  • keep customers informed about your growth and development.


Include a specific service, which is only offered by your company

Larger companies have a disadvantage when it comes to fast and flexible action. Changing anything in the initial marketing concept takes a long time. Use this to your advantage, offer a business specific item or service which only your company has.

Bundle offers and give discounts, go the extra mile, make the customer want to come back. People pay you for value added services, even better, they remember you and come back the next time.

Create a blog for your website

Many companies have still not realized it, having a website alone is by far not enough anymore. In fact a website without getting any traffic is useless.

Having a static website is snow from yesterday, if you are not keeping up with the customers demand for information, you are left behind.

A website is a great tool to produce a large amount of traffic. This requires particularly one thing, fresh content. It must be a top priority of your marketing concept to have an ever growing web presence. Feed you website with industry specific information, reviews and news. Share your content on social media  and write guest post on related websites linking back to your own.

Hire a search engine optimization specialist to advice you how to write targeted content and optimize your website to rank high in the search engines. This is a science and changes all the time, so it is good to outsource this to an expert.

Be active on social media sites

Having followers, means you have control about data. Advertisers are paying millions of dollars to get access to your list of followers to place related ads. Views, likes, hits and commenting is called engagement and that is what you want to accomplish with social media. Get to know you potential customers and get them interested and engaged with your company.

Post product updates, news, discounts and entertaining content around your business, several times a day. One post a week is not enough, depending on the interest of your audience, you have to post 10 to 15 times a day to create true momentum.

Add these ideas to your marketing concept, be consistent and you will see the results.




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