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Fear of Failure

Why many businesses are unsuccessful due to the lack of understanding fear and failure

Fear of Failure can quickly cause your business to decline or may stop any growth process in the making. When things are running smoothly we usually "feel" on top of the world and our imaginations do not know any limits. It is very unfortunate that most of us learn limitations while we grow up directly through our environment. We are not born with any limits, as children we explore without fear until limitations are set by our parents. This continuous throughout life for the majority of people, in school, in college, in your whole social environment. It is called social conditioning. If you are not realizing early on that you have the choice to create your own believe system, then you will just stereotype after the masses. In order to get control of any fear of failure, you need first to understand that fear is nothing but an emotion and emotions are created by how you think about something. Thoughts can be changed if you chose to do so and therefore you can also adjust the way you feel. Like with anything else in life, we have learned and trained ourselves to run certain programs on autopilot. While in many instances this can be very helpful, it may be very destructive in other situations. As an example, take the way we learn to drive a car, particularly one with stick-shift. At the beginning you can barely coordinate all the task you have to exercise at the same time, but with proper training you stimulate your neural system to memorize everything, so it becomes habitual. We do not even think about how to drive a car, we just do. In this example we have learned to operate a machine safely and we created a habit which serves us. Unfortunately the same technique applies to many bad habits we develop. If we hear, see, think and feel something often enough, we basically practice by repetition and it becomes a habit. Smoking, drinking, excessive eating, anger, frustration, wasting time watching to much TV or play video games, overspending and overuse of medical drugs are just some of the typical destructive habits you can create. Being to fearful and worry all the time can create a strong "feeling" and fear of failure. It literally becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You may have done whatever it took to prepare an outstanding presentation to get this new important customer, but still it did not work out. If this happens several times you may not want to try again, because your mind thrives into the wrong thinking process, making you "feel" like a failure. It does not mean you really are, but because you are not looking at the whole picture, you only find this one possible explanation. There can be many other possible reasons why a customer does not close on a specific deal, trust me in most of the cases it is not you. Instead of sinking into self-pity, analyze a situation in the whole. Take responsibility if you find you could have done something better, but leave all possibilities on the table. Learn from an unsuccessful experience, adjust and move on. Sometimes things are just not happening the way you want them too. This is a normal part of life, it does not mean you have to give a negative label to it or "feel" bad about it. The fear of failure is nothing else but a response you trained yourself to feel. It is not real, only if you make it so by believing it.  

Frustrated with your business?

How do you deal with frustration in your business?

How many times per week are you getting frustrated with your business? How do you usually deal with it? As business owners we have a higher rate of problems that we are usually facing on a daily bases. The good news is that we can learn how to face and handle them better. Frustration is the result of a thought process, an opinion you have about that particular occurrence. If you think it is bad, if you give it the emotional meaning of being frustrated, than you probably will be. Monitoring your thoughts can help you to better understand that nothing what apparently happens to you is neither good or bad, it is just there. The label or value is given by the observer, so what ever might be frustrating for you, might not bother me at all and vice-versa. Now that we know that, we can adjust the way we think, we can just look at a situation as it really is, not making it better or worse. Especially do not give it any emotional meaning. The emotion of the frustration you feel, comes from the wrong thinking you do and thoughts can be changed. Now this all sounds pretty easy, but changing anything, is always harder done than said. If you have trained yourself unconsciously  to react in a certain way instead of observing the situation first, then you body has memorized this emotional label. This functions similar to a hard drive on a computer, but on a biochemical level in your neural system. Every time something similar happens your body will go back in the same state almost automatically, exactly like a program you have started on your computer. This reaction, needs to be interrupted in order for you to be able to change it. The pattern has repeated itself many times and your response program to be frustrated runs on autopilot. It has become a habit, like brushing your teeth in the morning. Something what you do, without having to think about it. Now, we human beings are choice makers, other like an animal who can only react instinctively, we have been given free will. You can interrupt the process by stopping for a moment and become aware of your reaction, than disregard the upcoming feeling and neutralize it. If you do this multiple times you can basically un-train your body to react, the feeling of being frustrated will parish, as you now have given the circumstance a different, less or entirely not frustrating emotion.

The American Dream

Make your dream reality!

The American Dream, closer today than ever before. Millions of people around the world are still seeing the United States as the land of the unlimited possibilities. And it is true, entrepreneurship is encouraged, it is extremely simple to engage into business activity and potentially make it big in the US. Nowhere else in the world is sales and marketing bigger than here, the market is huge and you can be whoever you can dream off. But where and how to start? People are seeking anything for two reasons, they are either inspired by an idea and dream they want to realize, or they are desperate. Inspiration and desperation are the driving forces of achieving the american dream for you personally. The difference between the talkers and the doers is that the doers find a way to overcome there inner fears. They find a way to get out of their comfort zone and understand that in order for them to get what they want, they need to act upon it. The american dream will become a reality for you, when your desire becomes bigger than your excuses. Your technical and academic knowhow will not determine your level of success. Intelligence wont guarantee riches, the world belongs to the people who understand to act on their dreams and make them a reality. Change will happen, not through knowledge, but through the ability to act upon what you know. To start your own business nowadays, is easier and more affordable than any other time before. The concepts available today are tailored to the needs of businesses. The start up cost can be very small, without having to lack a professional image. The marketing possibilities brought through us by the ability to connect worldwide are endless. The only unavoidable task for you, is the willingness to work on your dream consistently and never to give up. Get started today, do the first step toward a brighter future. Begin your path, redirect as many times as you have to in order for you to reach your goals. Make the american dream a reality for you, it is so easy to have your own business up and running in less than 24 hours.

Hard Work vs Opportunity

Hard work always beats opportunity!

Hard work or opportunity?  The idea of the one great opportunity is all we need for our big breakthrough, is what most are waiting for, and than it never comes. I have seen people jumping from opportunity to opportunity, because it looked easy and eventually was not. People misunderstand an opportunity takes work to realize and seldom comes at a bargain. Especially in today's society, we are easily seduced by the idea of taking shortcuts and will our way to riches, but are not prepared to put in the equivalent of work. Opportunities will come more often if you decide and focus on one thing at a time. If you start something, finish it, do not give up to easy. Overnight success does not exist, it is the sum of work, the right relationships, time and money. It takes ten years to make one dream a reality. Oftentimes it is overestimated what can be accomplished in one year and underestimated what con be done in ten. Hard work will always beat an opportunity, work causes consistent and steady grow, while an opportunity is just there for a flash. Hunting for the easy opportunities to come, can cause you to loose a lot of valuable time, frustration, hardship and pain. You eventually give up and look for the next big thing. This cycle will never end, until you realize that you must determine what it is what you are here for. What are your unique talents? What can you do the whole day without feeling it is an effort? There is a pattern in all of our lives, which will point you to your own greatness and purpose. Stop chasing the opportunities and decide who you are and what you want to become. Commit to finish what you started and the chances will come automatically. Along the way, no matter how positive and enthusiastic you might be, you will face obstacles determined by your own unique path. Keep in mind that things are only as good or as bad as the meaning "you" give to them. Everything will work out just fine, if you keep going. Your internal dialog and ability to adjust to lives adversities, will control the time it will take for you to reach your dreams. Make the whole thing a journey, enjoy your life now while you can. Chose to be who you want to be, decide and take action. Take time outs to think and correct if necessary. Work consistently and you will realize the right people, opportunities and doors will open for you.  

How to start a startup

Learn about starting up your business

When it comes to how to start a startup, many things come to mind, which can be somewhat overwhelming. Questions like "Where do I get the money from"?, "Do I have what it takes"?, "What will my family say"?, "Where do I start"? and many more will cross your mind. This can be intimidating, especially if this is the first time you are trying to start a business. Don't let these things discourage you, everybody was once in your shoes. This is the first big step, overcoming your doubts and being aware that people around you will try to convince you away from your ideas. The most important advice I can give for how to start a startup, is preparation and planning. Instead of just wildly become involved in business activities, take some time and prepare. Does your product or service have a demand? Its great to have an idea which is unique, but is what you have to offer in demand? True business people have learned to anticipate the next big trend. This is steered many times by certain generations. Lets take the baby boomers for example. The generation born between 1946 and 1964, after world war II, family values became top priority and literally 76 Million  babies were born. These people were growing up with high values on ethical work and family, saving for bad times and security. This means they have likely accumulated wealth and therefore their particular buying power is very strong. Think about it, if you could have anticipated that in this 20 year window so many people would have been born, what would have come to mind? Imagine diapers and baby strollers, toys and baby food, day care. What when they grew up? Children clothing, school supplies. Their early adulthood. Cars, bars, nightclubs, gas, jewelry, fashion etc. As they grew older, they bought their first home, bigger cars, tv's and on and on. How to start a startup? That's how, anticipating what is the next big trend, steered by certain generations. Is there a demand and how long will that demand be there? You must evaluate your market, see if you have competitors and if its worth to get a share of that market. Do you need capital? And how much? Today it is easier than ever to get access to money. Investors are constantly looking for ideas to invest in. Don't be shy, your idea is worth money and the investors will get a big share of it in return. It is even a great idea to outlay your plan and they can help you to determine the amount of funds and time you really need. These are expert business people who are operating on a whole different level. Personal loans from family and friends, as well as crowd funding is a good source for smaller amounts Bank loans Private investors Hedge funds Angel investors Established corporations are just an example of the multitude of money sources out there. Keep in mind, in order to "sell" your idea you need to put it into a formal structure, people can easily understand. This is called the business and marketing plan. For large amounts of money, this is essential and a big part on how to start a startup. Location, location, location You hear this all the time, selling an ice machine to an Eskimo probably wont cut it, but doing the same in an area with tropical climate will be a killer business. You got to be in the right location, regardless if your business is small and local or if you market to multiple markets at the same time. Determine your market and chose a ideal area to start your business, do you need an office or can your start from home? Will you meet clients and if so where? These are all questions you have to identify. Success leaves clues One of the most important components in how to start a startup, is that many people have built successful businesses before and that you can too. Why not following someone who already has a flourishing enterprise? Surround yourself with people who have answers to your questions. Identify the authorities in your field and gather information based upon actual outcomes and not hearsay. Everybody has an opinion, only a few can actually back it up with proven results. Get a coach and mentor, this is the best way to learn while you are building your business. Someone you can rely on to identify potential mistakes before you make them and can guide you in the right direction. There are great sources nowadays to find coaches online, small business consulting has become a great business by itself. Get the right legal and tax advice This might not seem that important at the beginning, but you will have to incorporate your business sooner or later. Knowing about the benefits of the different corporate setups will help you protect your business and save taxes. How to start a startup is a lot about learning before doing. You can spear yourself a lot of disappointments and frustrations if you are willing to learn from an expert. Keep a positive attitude You will face a lot of adversity along your journey. Like everything in life, building a business has to be learned, it will take time. How long solely depends on your individual talent and willingness to work and learn. The hours you spent on productive activities and to a large extend your attitude. How many times can you navigate yourself through the ups and downs of your business? What if things are not working out, once, twice ten times? Can you hold it together? You must find a way to stay motivated. One great way to do that is to find a very strong reason why you must succeed. This reason must be more painful for you than to admit defeat. Everybody can stay down and give up, getting up and finding a way to try one more time will make the difference of your success or ultimate failure. Make failure your friend and learn from it. You will only fail if you do not try again, there is always another day to correct, redirect and succeed eventually. How to start a startup is about finding a way for you individually to make your dream come true. Keep that attitude the one of a winner and never give up.  

Purpose behind your business

Purpose is the why behind everything you do

People often ask me "What is the ultimate secret to running a successful business"? The answer is many things, but I believe the strongest force behind becoming successful with your business is finding purpose. I knew a lady which was successful in many aspects, but at the time her main concern was to loose some pounds. After having children and doing a lot of office work she put on a significant amount of weight which she thought she needed to loose. After setting up a nutritional plan and an exercising regiment, the only thing she had to do was to follow through. For a couple of days it worked out fine, but eventually she started to skip meals, did not show up to the exercising classes and started eating what she craved. The little weight she lost was gained back in no time. The question came up as to why people give up so easily on their dreams and goals, particularly if they already had a coach to guide them through. The answer was that her "why" was just not strong enough, her purpose to really want to loose the pounds was not there. So the fitness trainer changed the strategy and showed her an article about children in the USA being obese and that statistics showed that this was to a great extend the responsibility of the parents. Themselves setting a bad example in terms of their own eating habits. Her daughter was already on the way to put on some extra weight, so she literally became so outraged about herself, that she eventually lost more than 100 pounds. You see her perspective on the importance of her loosing the extra pounds had changed, her "why" became stronger. What was not so important for herself, now shifted to setting a good example for her daughter. She all the sudden had a purpose strong enough, allowing her to follow through. This little anecdote you can transfer directly to the question about the relation of business and success. If your "why" is strong enough, if you find a reason that does not allow failure, than you wont give up until success becomes a reality. If your focus shifts from just making money to a more fulfilling reason, something what makes you happy while you do it, something you want to accomplish, not just for you, but for those you love. Than your business is not just means of making a live, but it becomes your lives purpose. This is the reasons why you must become clear about what you really want, before you start your business. Write down in detail what it is what drives you, what makes you feel fulfilled, what serves you, others and the higher good? If you can answer those questions and your "why" has become bigger than any excuses, than you find the drive, motivation and willpower to succeed.

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