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Cool Office Space

Want to find a cool office environment?

Especially the next generation of entrepreneurs wants to work in a  cool office space environment. The way we do business nowadays has changed tremendously with the advances of computer and communications technology. Take Google's offices for example, the relative young company is not only innovative when it comes to their products and services, but also in the creation of work space. Modern companies understand that productivity in an office increases if the creativity of the employees is enhanced by particular designed areas for recreation. Additionally, features like stairs and elevators can be replaced with slides and ropes. This unusual design does not only create a cool office space, but also a more happy place for people to work. As a business owner it is important that you surround yourself with likeminded people to network with, trying to make everything happen from home can be challenging, particularly if you run into the dead ends we all know to well. Getting out of the home office can help you with a variety of benefits. Meet other company owners and expand your companies reach Participate in meetings of networking organizations Receive referrals from companies in the same office Meet new clients Brainstorm for new ideas to be more productive Discuss new ideas and possibilities for your product or services Find potential partners and funding opportunities Have a more professional support system on hand ( Phone answering service, virtual assistant, VPN, servers, etc.) Plug into the resources and technology of the office platform These are just an example of the many more benefits of working and meeting in a cool office space. People want to be entertained today and they will do business with you if they see and believe in your creativity. If you can differentiate yourself from your competition with innovative ideas and a hip way to capture their attention, you will most likely earn their business.      

Coworking Space

What actually is coworking space?

Coworking is often referred to as an environment or network of independent workers, coming together to fulfill a task. These workers are generally work from home or in a shared work space environment and are connected virtually. Many companies see the advantage of hiring freelancers to work on projects, rather than hiring employees. Also many start-up companies are looking for coworking space where they can commingle with other related businesses. The concept is perfect for many reasons and is widely spread throughout the world. In the USA alone more than 1200 locations are in existence in the majority of the metropol cities. But also Europe, Asia and UK have widespread locations to offer, enabling companies to utilize cost effective working space. In the last few years business centers have opened in many locations with different strategies. While some offer the more exclusive private office environment, others bet on an open space concept in a very lush work setting. Here amongst work stations and tables also more comfortable and relaxing areas can be found. Both attract their own category of coworking businesses, very much depending on the exact field they are in. It also helps many of the independent workers not to be socially disconnected and at the same time not to be distracted by the coffee shop or home office environment. The cost are very minimal and flexible, many locations start for around $50 per month for the most basic virtual office package and offer different packages depending on your specific needs. Services or office space which you are utilizing is only paid for the exact time you require it. Wired and wireless internet as well as VOIP phone technology and videoconferencing is the standard for almost all of the coworking spaces. All this makes the concept a very smart decision to either start or run a business in multiple locations for very marginal pricing.    

Home Office Tax Deduction

Home Office verses Virtual Office

A home office tax deduction quickly comes to mind when starting your business from home. Likely you want to save the money for the office expenses and associated commute. These are probably your first thoughts, cutting expenses where ever possible, until your start-up becomes profitable. While this occurs to be a good initial solution there are a few things you have to know in order to qualify for the home office tax deduction 1. Your place of business has to be registered at your home address 2. Your home office is a separate room which is solely used for your business, it needs to be clearly identified as an office. 3. The exact square footage of your home office needs to be measured and disclosed. Only under the above circumstances are you allowed to claim your tax deduction for your home office, but it probably comes to a bit of a surprise that you wont save a lot of money. Lets assume you have a house which has a total living area of 2000 sqft, your mortgage interest payment and related cost for utilities is $1500 per month. Your allocated home office is 120 sqft, so your tax deduction for the home office is $90 per month. The annual total amount cant be used against any business losses, but must be carried over. In many cases the home office tax deduction only comes out to a few dollars. Remember you can only claim the cost associated with the exact size of your home office. Having a virtual office or an executive office suite on the other hand is a business expense that can be deducted in full. The cost are very marginal, at the same time you have a more professional office appearance with administrative staff on site, representing your company. Even if you do not really need an office all the time, having a real commercial business address has its benefits. Many banks require you to have a real business address and do not accept the home address as the primary place of business. This is particularly applicable if you have incorporated your company. If you chose a business center as your main address for your company, do not claim your home office tax deduction, the IRS likes to check on the home office status quite often.

Administrative Assistant (VA)

Get work done for you, without the hassle of employment related cost and management

Your Virtual Administrative Assistant (VA) can handle many of the everyday administrative task for you. Businesses are very well aware that expenses for office space and personal are the highest of their overhead cost. Would it not be great to have someone representing your company and answering your phone, but without having to hire a full time receptionist? Your phone might ring twenty times a day, half of these calls are from telemarketers, trying to sell their services and keep you away from being productive. No need to have a full time employee to answer your phone, if you can just have our receptionist take your calls for you. Get a local or toll free number, specifically for your business, routed to our phone system and answered in your companies name. The pricing is very marginal, you can even have our auto-attended answer and forward calls for you, if that is sufficient for your needs. An eFax service is included and all your voice messages and faxes are automatically forwarded to your email. An administrative assistant also comes in handy, when you need the occasional letter drafted, have data to be entered or mail to be opened and organized. This can easily be outsourced to your VA without having to pay for it full time. The great thing is that you will only be charged for the exact amount you utilize the VA's services. Let us handle all the management and payroll related task's. The cost for your VA vary by the specific assignment to be handled and can include but are not limited to Phone Answering, forwarding and message taking Simple administrative task and data entry Preparation of presentations Paralegal work Real Estate related work Accounting and book keeping Incorporation Services Notary Services In any event your personal administrative assistant is professionally trained for a variety of secretarial undertakings and can be further educated to your specific requirements.  

What is a Virtual Office

How does this actually work exactly?

What is a Virtual Office and how does the concept actually work? When I was looking for office space to open up my first business about 16 years ago, there were not that many options. I wanted a "cheap office" to begin with to keep my overhead down. When you were searching for the term online, only very few matches came up. I visited a few offices in my neighborhood and was introduced to a virtual office concept. What is a virtual office I wondered? A virtual office plan is like a membership in a corporate office environment, a real large and appealing office space, at least one floor, sometimes even two. However; instead of entering into a long term lease agreement were you would pay a monthly rent, whether you use it or not, you are just paying for the virtual office membership. The monthly fee is significantly lower and the terms are short with only a subscription agreement. After three month the agreement will turn into a month to month contract, which can be canceled any time. Your company is represented by the shared receptionist, in case you have a client stopping by. You can also have a business phone number, local or toll free and have it answered by the receptionist. The modern phone technology makes it possible that we can see which number is being called, so your calls are always answered in your companies name. After business hours an automated receptionist will capture your calls and forward them in accordance to your specifications. What is a virtual office? It is a great concept, which makes it possible for new and existing businesses to either start or expand their business in a very cost effective and flexible way. Whenever you are in need to occupy physical office space, you can just book a few hours in a private office or meeting room. Depending on your circumstances, you will always make the right impression on your clients. The great thing is that you only pay for what you are actually using. So if you utilize the office for 1-2 hours, you are only charged for the exact time. This allows you to afford a much more exclusive location and office. At the same time it remains flexible, if you get more busy you can even lease an executive office suite for monthly occupancy. Another great advantage is that the offices are already fully furnished and serviced. You just have to bring your Laptop and can start working right away. Nowadays the concept is widely spread all over the world. More and more entrepreneurs and even larger companies have recognized the value of co-working space. Overhead cost are always an issue and flexibility with variable expenses is very important for businesses to stay competitive. If you still have open questions about "what is a virtual office", feel free to contact us and one of our account representatives will be happy to assist you.

Virtual Office Online

Your personal office online, completely digital

Virtual Office Online, the fully digital office solution for intelligent businesses. Did you know that you can now operate your business completely virtual, from the convenience of your home, right from your computer? With Officentos - Virtual Office Centers you can now build your enterprise nationwide. No matter where you are, you can have access to your virtual office via your online platform. You can sign up, upgrade or downgrade services, right from you smartphone. You have an unexpected client meeting in New York, but are located in Miami? Just sign up for one of our locations in the city who never sleeps. Its easy, its convenient, always with short term contracts and it can all be done through the internet or with a quick phone call. Having access to your own virtual office online from any location with access to the world wide web, making your business extremely flexible, in the most cost effective way. Stay connected with your own personalized live phone answering service. Get a local or toll free phone number with find me follow me feature and auto receptionist for after business hours. Never miss a phone call again. During business hours we will answer your calls in your companies name, take messages or forward the calls to a number you specify. Our sophisticated business class phone system can identify your companies phone number being called, so we can always answer accordingly. After business hours your virtual office online wont stop working for you. All calls will be answered by your auto receptionist, you can determine which calls are being routed to voicemail and have the system forward certain important numbers to your cell phone. Have you ever been at the airport and all the sudden you need an important report, a presentation or letter drafted, but do not have the time to do so? Now you have access to your virtual assistant, just a phone call away. Give your instructions and have the work done by our professional staff. You will always only pay for the time you use your VA and never be responsible for payroll or management related expenses. Having you own privatized virtual office online, accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Combined with any single or multiple locations to chose from, allows you outmost flexibility for the best price structure available in the market.

The future of workspace

The Future of Workspace, no offices! Particularly starting with the burst of the real estate bubble in 2007, businesses realized how vulnerable they become if earnings are not made as they used to, but the expenses to operate remain the same. The goal of a company is making profits, not spending money on avoidable expenses. Staying flexible and being able to counteract on shrinking income and reducing high cost is what can make a big difference. Even large companies have their workers operate on a more virtual level, without coming to an office at all or just randomly. The money saved on workspace can be invested in lead generation and productivity items to further build momentum. The usage of cyberspace meeting rooms where participants can virtually meet from all over the world is utilized to get the feel of co-workers meeting physically. Important key for a company is that workers do their job, not where they do them. It is the realization of achieving results instead of spending time in the office. Many professions already require workers to be on "the street", at the same time they need the flexibility to have access to the pertinent information and documents. Regardless if you work in sales or technical services, communication with the back office is a very important part of satisfying the customer with a speedy and professional workflow. Access to a company server and a virtual support administrator, can warrant that workers are connected at all times. The future of workspace does not require an office, just a virtual place where we can all connect and exchange data, information and documentation. Contracts are signed electronically and money is collected through near-field communication or credit card. Ever evolving technology makes it possible that we save time, overhead expenses and realize a faster, better way to satisfy today's educated clients. In order to compete with the consumers demands, businesses need to stay flexible and operate cost effective. Reducing expenses by utilizing technologies and co-working offices is the future of workspace as we know it.

Shared Office Space

The benefits of choosing Shared Office Space

The benefits of shared office space are obvious for various reasons. Traditional office requirements are always one of the major overhead cost a business has. A cost which in slow times needs to be covered from reserves or even private savings. However you are operating a business in the first place to be profitable and one of the techniques how to do that, is by cutting or limiting the cost of your expenses. Traditional office space is very costly and requires long term commitments in form of typical 1-3 years lease term agreements. Additionally you need cash to buy furniture, telephone equipment, maybe you even want to get a contractor to build out some space to your specifications. A kitchen would be nice and a conference room, of course you need space for a reception area, which also requires a paid receptionist. When you are at the beginning of starting your business and you have frequent customer contact, spending money to get your own office can rise to tenth of thousands of dollars, considering security deposits, build-outs and equipment. Shared office space does not require any of these cost and therefore has become an extremely attractive alternative for companies. Not only start-ups are using co-working space, but also many professionals and larger companies who utilize it as a satellite location. The way a business center usually works, is that a large office space, likely a whole floor of it, is converted into multiple smaller to mid-sized units and several conference rooms. It may have a shared open space for single workstations and a break room for soft-drink and coffee services. The shared office space is than operated by the landlord or management company, fully staffed and furnished. The shared receptionist can be used to have your individual company phone answered. The executive offices can be occupied on a monthly base or just by the hour or day. Meeting rooms can be rented in the same way, oftentimes they are just needed for a few hours. In a summary the benefits of shared office space are No long term agreements Can be scaled up or downsized in any way No initial cost for furniture, build outs or equipment No cost for security, insurance or large deposits Turnkey solution, allows to occupy space within hours Management and administrative staff on side, representing you in your companies name Virtual Office plans available for below $50 for anybodies budget

Virtual Business

Why operate a business virtually?

Operating a virtual business becomes more and more the current and future trend. About ten years ago commercial office buildings were at an all time vacancy low and occupied for the most parts. The collapse of the housing market and the following economic difficulties, gave reason for a significant increase of office buildings starting to offer at least one full floor of shared executive office space. These problems were faced by many businesses throughout the world. While this concept is not new, the majority of the available business centers were operated by just a few companies. For example around 2003 - 2004 if you were searching for a virtual business setup or cheap office space, than you probably only found a hand full of entries. This changed drastically around 2007 when the need to cut cost forced many businesses to vacate their current offices or downsize to a more cost effective solution. Unfortunately office space is still one of the mayor overhead cost for any business and so are the employee related cost and management. Suddenly commercial offices were emptied out and corporations renegotiated their leases for significant savings. The businesses who needed to downsize started to occupy shared offices space for a fraction of the cost.  Even these business centers had to adjust their prices shortly thereafter. The winners in 2008 - 2012 were definitely the virtual business centers, who quickly developed into the market. At the same time they adjusted their price configuration to a level many businesses and new start-ups were feeling comfortable with. The initial cost for a virtual office plan dropped swiftly to the $50 USD mark, giving an indication of how low the spending capital for businesses became. We can fairly say if you do the same search for serviced office space nowadays, you will have pages full of providers in all areas of the world. The concept has become a brand by itself and many even traditional office buildings have adapted, now offering several floors with shared, turnkey office solutions. It just makes sense why would you not start your enterprise in the most cost effective way? Virtual Business Centers are the new and trending providers for office solutions around the world. Many banks now require you to have a real commercial address for your business in order to open a bank account. If you have frequent customer contact, than a professional office setup is a must; however, why occupying and paying for an office full time, if you just need it initially for a few hours a week? Now you can have you fully furnished and serviced, shared corporate office for an affordable price, every business can handle. You can even upgrade and downsize anytime you have the need, as all contracts are short term and flexible. Your company is represented by our staff in your absence and the executive offices and meeting rooms are available for full or part time occupancy. You do not need to hire any personal to receive your mail, answer your phone or conduct the occasional administrative task for you. Just utilize Officentos team of co-workers to get the task done. Creating a virtual business just makes sense, you have professional presentation in a professional office setting for the marginal price tag.

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