Virtual Business

Virtual Business

Operating a virtual business becomes more and more the current and future trend. About ten years ago commercial office buildings were at an all time vacancy low and occupied for the most parts.

The collapse of the housing market and the following economic difficulties, gave reason for a significant increase of office buildings starting to offer at least one full floor of shared executive office space. These problems were faced by many businesses throughout the world.

While this concept is not new, the majority of the available business centers were operated by just a few companies. For example around 2003 – 2004 if you were searching for a virtual business setup or cheap office space, than you probably only found a hand full of entries.

This changed drastically around 2007 when the need to cut cost forced many businesses to vacate their current offices or downsize to a more cost effective solution.

Unfortunately office space is still one of the mayor overhead cost for any business and so are the employee related cost and management.

Suddenly commercial offices were emptied out and corporations renegotiated their leases for significant savings. The businesses who needed to downsize started to occupy shared offices space for a fraction of the cost.  Even these business centers had to adjust their prices shortly thereafter.

The winners in 2008 – 2012 were definitely the virtual business centers, who quickly developed into the market. At the same time they adjusted their price configuration to a level many businesses and new start-ups were feeling comfortable with.

The initial cost for a virtual office plan dropped swiftly to the $50 USD mark, giving an indication of how low the spending capital for businesses became.

We can fairly say if you do the same search for serviced office space nowadays, you will have pages full of providers in all areas of the world. The concept has become a brand by itself and many even traditional office buildings have adapted, now offering several floors with shared, turnkey office solutions.

It just makes sense why would you not start your enterprise in the most cost effective way? Virtual Business Centers are the new and trending providers for office solutions around the world.

Many banks now require you to have a real commercial address for your business in order to open a bank account. If you have frequent customer contact, than a professional office setup is a must; however, why occupying and paying for an office full time, if you just need it initially for a few hours a week?

Now you can have you fully furnished and serviced, shared corporate office for an affordable price, every business can handle. You can even upgrade and downsize anytime you have the need, as all contracts are short term and flexible.

Your company is represented by our staff in your absence and the executive offices and meeting rooms are available for full or part time occupancy. You do not need to hire any personal to receive your mail, answer your phone or conduct the occasional administrative task for you. Just utilize Officentos team of co-workers to get the task done.

Creating a virtual business just makes sense, you have professional presentation in a professional office setting for the marginal price tag.

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