What is a Virtual Office

what is a virtual office

What is a Virtual Office

What is a Virtual Office and how does the concept actually work?

When I was looking for office space to open up my first business about 16 years ago, there were not that many options. I wanted a “cheap office” to begin with to keep my overhead down. When you were searching for the term online, only very few matches came up.

I visited a few offices in my neighborhood and was introduced to a virtual office concept. What is a virtual office I wondered?

A virtual office plan is like a membership in a corporate office environment, a real large and appealing office space, at least one floor, sometimes even two. However; instead of entering into a long term lease agreement were you would pay a monthly rent, whether you use it or not, you are just paying for the virtual office membership.

The monthly fee is significantly lower and the terms are short with only a subscription agreement. After three month the agreement will turn into a month to month contract, which can be canceled any time.

Your company is represented by the shared receptionist, in case you have a client stopping by. You can also have a business phone number, local or toll free and have it answered by the receptionist. The modern phone technology makes it possible that we can see which number is being called, so your calls are always answered in your companies name. After business hours an automated receptionist will capture your calls and forward them in accordance to your specifications.

What is a virtual office? It is a great concept, which makes it possible for new and existing businesses to either start or expand their business in a very cost effective and flexible way.

Whenever you are in need to occupy physical office space, you can just book a few hours in a private office or meeting room. Depending on your circumstances, you will always make the right impression on your clients. The great thing is that you only pay for what you are actually using. So if you utilize the office for 1-2 hours, you are only charged for the exact time.

This allows you to afford a much more exclusive location and office. At the same time it remains flexible, if you get more busy you can even lease an executive office suite for monthly occupancy. Another great advantage is that the offices are already fully furnished and serviced. You just have to bring your Laptop and can start working right away.

Nowadays the concept is widely spread all over the world. More and more entrepreneurs and even larger companies have recognized the value of co-working space. Overhead cost are always an issue and flexibility with variable expenses is very important for businesses to stay competitive.

If you still have open questions about “what is a virtual office”, feel free to contact us and one of our account representatives will be happy to assist you.

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