What is Marketing

What is Marketing

What is Marketing

If you have a company and have difficulties to gain more customers or to get brand awareness, than the question “What is Marketing” is probably a good one for you to ask and analyze.

I see this problem with a lot of professionals, whether they are Attorneys or CPA’s, Doctors, work in Real Estate or the Mortgage industry. All of them are studied academics with at least a bachelors degree in any of their specific areas.

Now the problem is, that a title or a position, does not get you any clients and you must market your company, brand, service or product to an audience.

In layman’s terms you could say that “marketing is the ability to create a positive perception to prospective customers about what you have to offer, in order to sell something” . Notice the word perception? It means nobody has to know that you are just starting out, or that your product is new and untested. You can make it sound better than it actually is, as long as you can live up to the expectations.

So in detail, what is marketing and what are the different areas you need to concentrate on in order to market well?


You can brand yourself or the name of your company, but also a certain product. Apple is a master of branding, the name and the logo, which align with the whole product line, as well as the description of the products. Imac, iphone, ipod, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, etc. This is a great example of branding the companies name and integrate the whole product line, easy to identify for potential customers.

In order to brand you need to

  • Create a logo
  • Create a tagline
  • Have a website, where people can research about your company, products or services
  • add logo and tagline to all marketing material including letterhead, email signature, business card etc.
  • Make it easy to identify what you do or sell.
  • Spread your brand to potential customers consistently
  • Create a list of people you are in contact with and market to them frequently. Marketing means that you want to be in front of them when they need what you have to offer.

Identifying your customers needs

A big part of what is marketing is identifying and creating a demand for your products or services. This can be a certain untouched niche market, a better and improved product or something of better overall value. Particularly if you have competition, you need to concentrate your marketing a lot on what you can do better.

  • Can you offer a better service or price
  • Identify a different target group and tailor to their needs
  • Location and season specific needs
  • More variety
  • Better overall experience
  • Offer discounts to new customers
  • Survey previous customers to see how you can improve

New Product launches

New products are a great way to market to your customers, create anticipation and excitement is the single best thing to keep in touch with already existing clients and create “The Hype” to gain new ones.

  • Television and radio advertisement
  • Internet advertising
  • Expositions
  • Product specific events, news and press releases

Social Media Marketing

In terms of what is marketing, social media cannot be longer ignored. It is a great way to interact with your existing customers, entertain and convey your message.

  • Facebook business page
  • Twitter account
  • Instagramm
  • Google plus and local business page
  • Blog on your website

The most important part of marketing is that it has to be consistent. Marketing can be expensive and time intensive; however a well designed marketing plan will usually pay you ten dollars on every dollar you spend.




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