Starting a Business


Starting a Business

You want to start your own business and don’t really know how? You like to expand your business, but are not sure about funding, marketing, lead generation, conversion rates and how to get more customers?

Fortunately with Officentos you have found a great partner. We are here not only to help you with your office needs, but also to help you get your company of the ground.

We work with hundreds of entrepreneurs, ready to give you the advice you seek, all to find in our blog section, where we frequently write about business related topics of concern for new and seasoned entrepreneurs

First and foremost, before even starting a new venture you need to plan it out

Have a dream that does not tolerate excuses

There is a reason why 95% of new start ups going out of business within the first year. Oftentimes frustration plugs in if things are not working out the way you planned it. Guess what, things rarely work out the way you plan it. Acknowledge that as a fact and you wont stress about it.

It is just our perception of things forcing us to believe that we need to accomplish everything in the first year. In general no matter whom you speak to, overnight success takes 10 years.

Look around and be aware that everything in live takes time to grow, a tree, a newborn, plants, animals. What makes you think you can find the shortcut? There were many before you trying, just to find out that a strong dream combined with planning and consistent work lead almost always to success.

Plan to be in business

There is a saying it goes like this “Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal”. Statistics say that people with a plan have a much higher success rate. In fact only 3 percent in general plan there lives, know what they want, why they want it and are willing to work in order to get it.

If you chose something you really love to do and can monetize on that idea it wont even feel like work. Develop a passion for what you do and it wont ever feel like work.

Plan your business, start with the end in mind, keep it always in front of you and make the first step towards it. You wont have to do it all at once, just do the first step and than the next and so on.

Take action, every day!

You must take action on your dream in order for your business to grow. Identifying the first steps you need to do is very important. A good way to start is to write it down

  • Is a legal structure required
  • Do you need a bank account
  • Will you have to hire employees
  • Do you require funding
  • Do you require office space or a virtual office to start
  • Who will your potential customers be, are you selling a product or service
  • How will you market your product or service
  • Is your product or service unique / new or will you have competition, who is your competition
  • What will your system be to sell your product or service.
  • How will you generate leads (Internet, mouth to mouth, networking, email marketing, flyers, tv, radio

These are just some of the start-up questions for your business, but not limited to other you specifically need for your venture.

Work on your business not in your business

You are not an expert in everything, you likely have a certain skill set, something you are doing almost effortlessly and better than anybody else. This is what you are supposed to do, your natural talent and purpose will drive you to be the best you can.

There will be task, many of them, necessary for your business to succeed, but if you try to do them all, you wont be able to concentrate what you do best.Outsource and delegate as much as you can, it is very important that you have time to actually grow your business and are not caught up all day in running it.

Evaluate and Correct

A captain of a ship or an airplane will have to correct its course many times, depending on weather conditions, time tables or otherwise. The path you take will change many times, but that wont matter as long as you keep your ultimate goal in mind.

Sometimes you will hit a roadblock, a plateau or a big rock on your way and you must find a way to maneuver your business through it.

Evaluate where you are standing often and if necessary correct the direction as many times as necessary to accomplish your goals.

Being aware of the points above will make sure you start your business in the correct way. There will be many other things to consider along your way, many frustrating situation you have to overcome. Stay on course and be sure to come back often as we are here to help you get your dream of the ground

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