Author - Peter von Boeck

cool office space

Cool Office Space

Especially the next generation of entrepreneurs wants to work in a  cool office space environment. The way we do business nowadays has changed tremendously with the advances of computer and communications technology. Take Google's offices for example, the relative young company is not only innovative when it comes to their products and services, but also in the creation of work space. Modern companies understand that productivity in an office increases if the creativity of the employees is enhanced by particular designed areas for [...]

how to sell

How to Sell stuff

How to sell a product or service strongly depends on your brand awareness and your specific market segment. Selling becomes easier if you have an established brand for what you are trying to sell. At the same time you still need to implement a system for selling specific items or services. In order to be successful at selling you need three mayor ingredients. A quality product or service Quality is the perception of fulfilling or exceeding your customers expectations in relation to [...]

business environment

Business Environment

Are you in the right business environment in order for your company to flourish? Experienced entrepreneurs know that next to being passionate and dedicated to their businesses, they need to surround themselves with the right people. When you are just starting out, chances are you work from home, just because it seems that is the cheapest alternative. Saving money and avoiding unnecessary expenses is a smart decision to make; however, you also do not want to socially isolate yourself. Nobody knows [...]


Coworking Space

Coworking is often referred to as an environment or network of independent workers, coming together to fulfill a task. These workers are generally work from home or in a shared work space environment and are connected virtually. Many companies see the advantage of hiring freelancers to work on projects, rather than hiring employees. Also many start-up companies are looking for coworking space where they can commingle with other related businesses. The concept is perfect for many reasons and is widely spread [...]

fear of failure

Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure can quickly cause your business to decline or may stop any growth process in the making. When things are running smoothly we usually "feel" on top of the world and our imaginations do not know any limits. It is very unfortunate that most of us learn limitations while we grow up directly through our environment. We are not born with any limits, as children we explore without fear until limitations are set by our parents. This continuous throughout [...]


Frustrated with your business?

How many times per week are you getting frustrated with your business? How do you usually deal with it? As business owners we have a higher rate of problems that we are usually facing on a daily bases. The good news is that we can learn how to face and handle them better. Frustration is the result of a thought process, an opinion you have about that particular occurrence. If you think it is bad, if you give it the [...]

the economy today

The Economy Today

The economy today is oftentimes made responsible for once own financial situation, when in fact each cycle of the economy has the potential to earn a significant amount of money. Business people and investors know that, they study and anticipate how the market will develop and than act in accordance with their findings. Unfortunately the average employee most likely wont know about a change in the economic cycle and is faced with the facts when it is already to late [...]

business ethics

Business Ethics

To keep it simple, business ethics is nothing else but being honest and truthful with your customers and other businesses. Conducting yourself and your company in a truthful manner, avoiding trick and scheme to gain profits. Sounds pretty much like common sense does it? Yet still everyday we hear about corrupt business practices for capital gain, some industries are more susceptible than others. While we can expect that every company makes it sound like their products or services are the best [...]

home office tax deduction

Home Office Tax Deduction

A home office tax deduction quickly comes to mind when starting your business from home. Likely you want to save the money for the office expenses and associated commute. These are probably your first thoughts, cutting expenses where ever possible, until your start-up becomes profitable. While this occurs to be a good initial solution there are a few things you have to know in order to qualify for the home office tax deduction 1. Your place of business has to be registered at [...]

office space

Shared Office Space increases by 80%

By the year 2020 it is estimated that 40% of the workforce will have a shared office environment as their primary workplace. The co-working office space concept is an exploding industry and has increased by over 80% in just one year. This is not only creating employment, but also creates a significant part of the GDP worldwide. Technology makes it possible, it connects the world and makes virtual communication possible. Video conferencing and even virtual cyberspace meeting rooms are the norm [...]