Business Relationship

business relationship

Business Relationship

If you want long term success in any of your ventures, build the business relationship first instead of selling your product or services. People will buy from you if they trust you, no matter what you may have to offer.

You have to start somewhere, why not building your personal brand? That way you can offer any product or service, as long as it is associated with your brand.

Look at some of the recognized names, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Ford, General Motors, Anthony Robbins, Donald Trump  just to name a few.

These are household brands, famous for a certain category and the majority of people which bought products from them, become believers. They trust the quality of the merchandise and therefore recommend it or become repeat customers.

Even though they might not have the only or best product available, they have build the business relationship first and maintain the trust of their customers.

People do not change easy, they like to work with what works and where they can receive the best customer service. It takes time to build that trust, but it is well worth it. Consider that your best customers are the once you already have.

Make sure your brand is seen

Repetition is the mother of skill, once you have developed your brand and slogan, keep it in front of your consumers.

  • your email signature
  • letter head
  • business card
  • advertising material
  • your car
  • embroidery on clothing
  • Building and office signage
  • promotional items

Let your brand be seen and repeat often, let it will sink into the minds of your potential and existing customers. Build and keep the business relationship strong, by being exceptional.

Join a professional Networking organization

Networking is a great way to receive referrals and build trusting relationships. There are many local, national and international networking organizations to chose from.

  • Local chambers of commerce, providing network events, seminars and meetings
  • Bilingual Business chambers, oftentimes organized by foreign countries doing business in the USA
  • City clubs or bankers clubs, offering business accommodations, meeting facilities and gastronomy with many benefits for its members
  • Rotary Clubs, an international organization, well structured.
  • Business Network International, an international organization with multiple chapters in each city.

Build a business relationship with not only potential customers, but other businesses who each have a network of trusted clients, they can recommend to you. Remember trust is everything and people tend to believe a positive review or referral.

Provide excellent customer service

Especially if you are new, providing a better service than your competitors, can increase your market share.

Keep in mind that the customer can go where ever he / she decides to go, give them a reason why they should come to you.

Customer service is not a luxury, but essential to maintain a strong and loyal customer base. Remember that these people spend their money on your offerings and they eventually pay your bills by doing so. Keeping this in mind should encourage you to tread them like kings and queens.

The stronger your business relationship becomes, the easier it will be for them to recommend you to their network.

Create added value

Everybody likes to get a better deal, by providing added on services, you differentiate yourself from the competition. It does not always have to be a big ticket item, nobody is expecting you to work for free. However; sometimes going the extra mile for a customer will result in large returns.

Give first before you expect to receive, it will bring you much further than just going for the quick sale. Building a strong network where you value your business relationship first, will bring you an unlimited amount of new and existing customers, happy to refer more business to you.

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