Frustrated with your business?


Frustrated with your business?

How many times per week are you getting frustrated with your business? How do you usually deal with it? As business owners we have a higher rate of problems that we are usually facing on a daily bases.

The good news is that we can learn how to face and handle them better. Frustration is the result of a thought process, an opinion you have about that particular occurrence. If you think it is bad, if you give it the emotional meaning of being frustrated, than you probably will be.

Monitoring your thoughts can help you to better understand that nothing what apparently happens to you is neither good or bad, it is just there.

The label or value is given by the observer, so what ever might be frustrating for you, might not bother me at all and vice-versa.

Now that we know that, we can adjust the way we think, we can just look at a situation as it really is, not making it better or worse. Especially do not give it any emotional meaning. The emotion of the frustration you feel, comes from the wrong thinking you do and thoughts can be changed.

Now this all sounds pretty easy, but changing anything, is always harder done than said. If you have trained yourself unconsciously  to react in a certain way instead of observing the situation first, then you body has memorized this emotional label. This functions similar to a hard drive on a computer, but on a biochemical level in your neural system.

Every time something similar happens your body will go back in the same state almost automatically, exactly like a program you have started on your computer.

This reaction, needs to be interrupted in order for you to be able to change it. The pattern has repeated itself many times and your response program to be frustrated runs on autopilot. It has become a habit, like brushing your teeth in the morning. Something what you do, without having to think about it.

Now, we human beings are choice makers, other like an animal who can only react instinctively, we have been given free will. You can interrupt the process by stopping for a moment and become aware of your reaction, than disregard the upcoming feeling and neutralize it.

If you do this multiple times you can basically un-train your body to react, the feeling of being frustrated will parish, as you now have given the circumstance a different, less or entirely not frustrating emotion.

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