Hard Work vs Opportunity

Hard Work vs Opportunity

Hard Work vs Opportunity

Hard work or opportunity?  The idea of the one great opportunity is all we need for our big breakthrough, is what most are waiting for, and than it never comes.

I have seen people jumping from opportunity to opportunity, because it looked easy and eventually was not. People misunderstand an opportunity takes work to realize and seldom comes at a bargain.

Especially in today’s society, we are easily seduced by the idea of taking shortcuts and will our way to riches, but are not prepared to put in the equivalent of work.

Opportunities will come more often if you decide and focus on one thing at a time. If you start something, finish it, do not give up to easy. Overnight success does not exist, it is the sum of work, the right relationships, time and money. It takes ten years to make one dream a reality. Oftentimes it is overestimated what can be accomplished in one year and underestimated what con be done in ten.

Hard work will always beat an opportunity, work causes consistent and steady grow, while an opportunity is just there for a flash.

Hunting for the easy opportunities to come, can cause you to loose a lot of valuable time, frustration, hardship and pain. You eventually give up and look for the next big thing. This cycle will never end, until you realize that you must determine what it is what you are here for. What are your unique talents? What can you do the whole day without feeling it is an effort?

There is a pattern in all of our lives, which will point you to your own greatness and purpose. Stop chasing the opportunities and decide who you are and what you want to become. Commit to finish what you started and the chances will come automatically.

Along the way, no matter how positive and enthusiastic you might be, you will face obstacles determined by your own unique path. Keep in mind that things are only as good or as bad as the meaning “you” give to them. Everything will work out just fine, if you keep going.

Your internal dialog and ability to adjust to lives adversities, will control the time it will take for you to reach your dreams.

Make the whole thing a journey, enjoy your life now while you can. Chose to be who you want to be, decide and take action. Take time outs to think and correct if necessary. Work consistently and you will realize the right people, opportunities and doors will open for you.


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