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Shared Office Space increases by 80%

By the year 2020 it is estimated that 40% of the workforce will have a shared office environment as their primary workplace. The co-working office space concept is an exploding industry and has increased by over 80% in just one year. This is not only creating employment, but also creates a significant part of the GDP worldwide. Technology makes it possible, it connects the world and makes virtual communication possible. Video conferencing and even virtual cyberspace meeting rooms are the norm [...]

shared office space

Shared Office Space

The benefits of shared office space are obvious for various reasons. Traditional office requirements are always one of the major overhead cost a business has. A cost which in slow times needs to be covered from reserves or even private savings. However you are operating a business in the first place to be profitable and one of the techniques how to do that, is by cutting or limiting the cost of your expenses. Traditional office space is very costly and requires [...]