How to Sell stuff

how to sell

How to Sell stuff

How to sell a product or service strongly depends on your brand awareness and your specific market segment. Selling becomes easier if you have an established brand for what you are trying to sell. At the same time you still need to implement a system for selling specific items or services.

In order to be successful at selling you need three mayor ingredients.

A quality product or service

Quality is the perception of fulfilling or exceeding your customers expectations in relation to competitors items and price.

Nothing is easier today than finding reviews and evaluations of products and services online. They can be written by either a customer, who already owns the item, or by companies who test and write reviews professionally. 

Either way, you can get a good impression about something before you buy it. Additionally, a great way to receive some free marketing, helping you selling your offer.

A lesser quality product has to have a significant lower price in order to be competitive in the market. You will find buyers which are more budget oriented, as well as those who look for a superior product and are willing to pay a higher price.

How to sell your particular offer needs exact determination of your niche. The system you establish to make people aware of it must be appealing, consistent with a clear call of action, and a follow up system.

An excellent system in place to sell it

The implementation of a how to sell system is also depending on your selling method and the market you target.

Are you a wholesaler? Then your target would be retail shops and resellers. Are you operating online only? Then you need to establish a system which identifies and leads potential customers to your product. Do you sell in a retail store? Then your system would be more steered towards advertising campaigns on TV, Radio and billboards.

In any event a how to sell system can be build best by gathering data about buying patterns. Then target your efforts towards building a list of potential customers and follow up with them in the future.

What you want to accomplish is that you make people aware of your brand and offerings, and have the ability to target your market to those who have shown already interest in similar items or the same brand. By building a list of those potential clients you have a way to stay in front of them.

Building the system includes:

  • Determining your target market
  • Marketing to potential clients
  • Call to action
  • List building
  • Follow up system
  • Retargeting if necessary

Drive massive traffic to your offers

The art of how to sell anything, finally needs a massive amount of potential customers looking at your offer and not somebody else’s. Therefore you must drive traffic through your marketing campaigns.

In the online world you would target specific “keywords”, if you are a wholesaler you will do business to business advertising and as a retail shop you will specifically use a mix of advertising through the internet, newsletters, radio and TV shows.

Local marketing and networking, as well as the usage of social media is strongly recommended for brand recognition and the establishment of trust.

Remember to be consistent with your marketing strategy, ideally you want to plan for one full year of activities when you are starting out. Once you have established a list of customers you can work on a follow up strategy and also market new products or services to those clients first.

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